4 Ways Coworking Can Benefit Your Mental Health

Raleigh Founded Team

Here at Raleigh Founded we believe that a whole-person-centered approach is important to the experience our members have within our community. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re highlighting some of the key ways that coworking can be beneficial to promoting overall wellbeing.

Change Of Environment

Having the option to shake up your routine is a great way to break up monotony and get yourself out of a depressive rut. With four locations around the city, we’ve got you covered when you feel ready to step out, take in some new scenery, and maybe even meet some new people, which leads us to number two…

Curbing Isolation

A common occurrence among people coping with mental health matters is the habit of isolating oneself. Isolation can compound your symptoms, so come on out! If you’re not keen on interacting with a lot of people that’s okay. We have private rooms, booths, and even a zen room if you need a moment to decompress.

Increasing Productivity

Even if you’re working on your own, being out and about and among the community can boost your workflow and productivity. People living with conditions that effect their ability to pay attention report that “body doubling”, or having another person present while they are working, helps them stay focused and complete their tasks.

Healthy Work/Life Balance

We’re very serious about our mission to help our members found their companies and build their legacies, but it can’t be “all work and no play”. One of the most wonderful benefits of coworking is the opportunity to connect with others through networking, building relationships, and having fun!

It is our hope to be a safe place and a source of support for all of our members. Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!