5 Women Blazing the Trail in Health + Personal Wellness

The Raleigh Founded Team

We are a few days late for our first #FemaleFirstFriday but it’s mother’s day so what a great day to post about some of the amazing women in our community! As promised, our #FirstFridayBlog is here to take you through a deeper dive into the innovative women of Raleigh Founded. Since it is Mental Health Awareness Month, we are going to start with women focused on health and personal wellness.

Health and Personal Wellness

These are the women who have put their minds towards actively pursuing a better life in order to help not only themselves, but impact the lives of many others by sharing their knowledge, skills, and perseverance.

Sarah Davidson, Founder of Kinly and member of Raleigh coworking spaces community

Sara Davison, Founder of Kinly, an ecosystem of support helping mamas and mamas-to-be gain access to experts, community care, and knowledge so new moms don’t feel like they’re in it alone.

When Sara was a first-time mother, she felt that she was constantly overwhelmed and exhausted due to the current social structures and institutions. She knew that motherhood should not be experienced this way and wanted to reimagine the understanding of the modern mother.

Kinly has some amazing upcoming events that you should be sure to look out for! First, they are launching the Triangle’s First Motherhood Convention at the Raleigh Founded Gateway location in May which will cover topics such as the psychological path of discovery for new moms just in time for World Maternal Health Day & Mother’s Day. Grab a ticket to this event here!

Sara also looks forward to pioneering the market on maternal mental health and psychoeducation. With a mission of democratizing access to maternal health education so that every mom in America has access to support when she needs it, Kinly would offer therapist-led journeys supported with content from maternal wellness providers.

Braden Rawls + Dr Rawls

Braden Rawls, CEO, and Co-Founder of Vital Plan, a meticulously selective supplement line created using custom blends that could not be found anywhere else and the highest quality ingredients.

The unique story of Vital Plan’s creation starts with Braden’s dad, Dr. Rawls. When the conventional medical system was failing to help Dr. Rawls after he started experiencing debilitating pain and mysterious symptoms, he took things into his own hands in order to get his previously extremely active lifestyle back. After many specialists and tests, Dr. Rawls investigated the underlying causes of disease and how to holistically regain health. Intense studies and experimentation led to herbal therapies that eventually allowed him to get back to his normal life. Through his research, he found that the currently available herbs and supplements being sold were unreliable due to quality, purity, and serving discrepancies.

Braden and her Dad started Vital Plan in 2008 in order to empower people to take control of their health. They are now internationally-selling supplements using the very best ingredients and manufacturing partners so everyone has access to proper supplements.

Did you know Braden recently spoke at our lunch and learn, Using Your Business for Good? Check it out here!

Dr Jonica Rowland

Dr. Jonica Rowland, CEO of JT Rowland Wholesome Health and Wealth Inc, helps people by mapping out personalized strategies for people seeking a sustainable life in retirement.

With 15+ years of success in banking, corporate security, education, cosmetics, research, sales development, parent and child advocacy, economic development, medical supplies, and insurance industries, Dr. Jonica Rowland leverages her extensive experience to be a valuable business and financial consultant and accomplished keynote speaker.

Jennifer Vroom

Jennifer Vroom, Founder of EvokeMeditation, a platform to share her three decades of knowledge of meditation and mindfulness methods. Jennifer is not your everyday Mindfulness Meditation teacher, she is a Meditation and Communication expert who has formally trained in Vedic Meditation and Primordial Sounds Meditation, with a certification as a Teacher of Mindfulness.

Jennifer put together her knowledge of physics, neuroscience, speech-pathology, and metaphysical concepts with her affinity for consciousness and spirituality to develop her own multi-phase technique, the “5-R Method”, that transformed her meditation experience, and in turn her life. After she mastered this method, she created EvokeMeditation in order to share it.

The platform she has created provides tools, techniques, and wisdom to incorporate meditation into your everyday life. Jennifer helps people to change their mindsets, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and making every morning an exciting opportunity to conquer the day. She helps you become the best “you”.

Addie Claire

Addie Claire, Founder of The Composition Dietitian, Registered Dietitian, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Post-graduation from UNC Chapel Hill with BA’s in both Psychology and Spanish, Addie felt drawn to nutrition counseling, so she went back to school and got her Masters of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Meredith College in Raleigh.

After finishing her Dietetic Internship year and three years in Northwest Washington, DC as Director of Nutrition for VIDA Fitness, Composition Dietitian was born. Addie’s unique practice uses her knowledge of mental health, nutrition, and fitness in unison to create a holistically healthy relationship between her clients and their diet.

Thanks for reading about these amazing women in health + personal wellness! Check back in June for an article about the innovative women in tech at Raleigh Founded.