8 Women Making a Difference in Raleigh

The Raleigh Founded Team

As a B Corp we use our business as a force for good and love to highlight other companies in our community that also use their business as a force for good. This month we are highlighting the women founders in our community whose business model is centered around social impact.

Zainab Baloch, cofounder of YAP!

Zainab Baloch, Co-founder of YAP!, a platform encouraging young generations to make their voices heard in the present and future of our democracy. This former Raleigh City Council Candidate realized that the future was being decided without her and her peers’ voices and that people didn’t believe a better system was attainable. Zainab collaborated to create an app where the people who want to be heard can be heard. Constantly encouraging those who care to speak up and “post more” and contribute to shaping our future.

Lindsay Wredge, Co-founder of 321 Coffee, a coffee shop built on inclusion founded in 2017 by Lindsay and Michael Evans. After meeting as freshmen Park Scholars at NC State University, they built 321 which currently employs 30 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Lindsay and Michael have grown 321 from simply setting up a folding table with a home coffee brewer at any location that would welcome them, to opening a fully operating coffee shop at the NC State Farmers Market, roasting their own coffee, offering a full-scale espresso menu, and partnering with over 50 different companies to provide them with coffee (Raleigh Founded included!) All of this while also developing a presence in the community and spreading a powerful message of inclusivity.

Shakema McClean, Founder/ Chair of Khyiah T Byrd Int’l Foundation, a community outreach constructing communities throughout the County to empower and support children living with Special Needs and Caregivers by implementing resources, support, advocacy, and education. Shakema is an Iraqi Veteran who has 10 plus years of experience in Management and Supply Chain within public and private sectors, as well as the United States Army. Her passion for community advocacy for Special Needs children led her to create the foundation that has had a huge impact on the lives of many in Raleigh.

Tamisha Thomas, Owner of Too Much TV, an internet broadcasting company whose goal is to create more positive programs on the internet that contribute to healthy communities in a global marketplace. Too Much TV has several initiatives, one of them being TMT Chapters. These are independent groups that are organized within specific geographical regions and collect donations, organize local events, and engage today’s youth in innovative curriculums. Tamisha has created a place for younger generations to invest their time in enriching activities while contributing to the community in place of wasting time watching Too Much TV.

Brittany Willard, CEO of Divine Hearts, a company that offers training in life-saving skills such as CPR AED/First Aid to healthcare providers, child care professionals, lay rescuers and workers in the community. Brittany took it upon herself to spread these extremely important skills throughout the community saying, “If we all do our part, we WILL make a difference!!”.

Haley Huie, Founder of Junk Luggers, a company committed to a greener community, Junkluggers donates waste first and recycles second. This company is known for its reliability, safety, and ease. Junkluggers is not only a waste removal company, they are 100% committed to recycling whatever they can before throwing it away. Haley Huie is also the Director of NC State’s Entrepreneurship Clinic housed out of our Warehouse location. As the Director she helps students start new businesses and connects them to the necessary resources to scale and grow.

Muffy Grant, Executive Director of NC Early Childhood Foundation, helps to improve the health, education, and well-being of North Carolina’s children by educating and guiding parents and community members. Muffy joined NCECF following her role as Director of Development at both Prevent Child Abuse NC and the Institute for Child Success in Greenville, SC. Muffy spent a decade in exchange visitor programs with the Department of State before making a career change to child advocacy. She has had the opportunity to travel extensively to many other countries in support of public diplomacy but realized that diplomacy really begins at a young age.

Tricia Timney, Founder and CEO of SLNG, collaborates with restaurants to improve their gluten-free options and improve restaurant experiences for people, like her, who have dietary restrictions. When Tricia discovered that she needed to be gluten-free her diet completely changed. She had an entirely new experience when going out to restaurants, and not a good one. She found that many restaurants did not have the gluten-free options listed on the menu or website, and even if they did the “gluten-free” foods might be subject to cross-contamination. With her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences, Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, and passion for creating a safer world for gluten-free eaters, Tricia decided to make a difference. She now works with restaurants to redo their menu to make clear what is and is not gluten-free, reconfigure the food-making process to ensure no cross-contamination is occurring and even helps restaurants buy and train how to use gluten tests to ensure their food is safe. Tricia found that there are a lot of misconceptions about the gluten-free diet. People think it is a diet fad when in reality there are people who have severe reactions to it. In order to make people take gluten-free diets more seriously and provide a safer environment, Tricia raises awareness that it’s not a diet to simply be more healthy.