Cary Founded's Partnership With Art by Shalimar - Innovators Guide 2023

The Raleigh Founded Team

Led by Cary Founded Director Rebekah Gregg, Founded’s entrepreneurial community is quickly growing. This new Cary office space will be home to various Cary professionals, from business owners to community leaders. Another demographic being represented at Cary Founded? Fantastic artists belonging to the town’s Downtown community. 

Art By Shalimar, an art studio and gallery located in Downtown Cary, first caught the attention of Rebekah Gregg in early 2023 when she was scrolling through Instagram. Instantly drawn by Shalimar’s unique, colorful, and beautifully textured work, Rebekah reached out to her. 

“Shalimar’s art is beautiful. You could feel the emotion behind each piece, even over the screen. I felt it even more when I first visited her space,” said Rebekah. 

Highlighting a variety of industries and entrepreneurship experiences at Cary Founded is important to Rebekah. Shalimar is the perfect example of someone she believes should be integrated into an entrepreneurial ecosystem such as Cary Founded. 

“She [Shalimar] is very community-driven. She’s done a lot of work with veterans in mind. She’s worked alongside her husband to hang her photos at Truss Vet, where a lot of veterans enjoy the art. That’s part of why I wanted to have her work at Cary Founded.”

Shalimar’s art will feature along the walls of Cary Founded and will be available for sale. Until then, visit her website and Instagram to learn more about her upcoming projects and gallery. 

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