Choosing Between A Raleigh Coworking Day Pass vs Coworking Membership

The Raleigh Founded Team

The benefits of joining a coworking community are expansive, from coffee and strong wifi to a space where you can take meetings and host partners from out of town; the coworking community life comes with tons of perks.

 Are you interested in joining but wondering what plan would work best for you? Here are some things to consider when finding a coworking day pass or a coworking membership in Raleigh! 

The Perks That Are Available to all Founded Members

Joining our community and having a shared space to make connections, build new relationships, and develop new ideas is the biggest perk of being a Founded member. We’re proud of the community we’ve cultivated in the Triangle and want you to become a part of it! 

Any coworking membership with Founded Communities gives you access to member-only events, such as our monthly and quarterly pitch practices. Being a part of our community through a coworking membership also gives you access to the Founded member resource hub, complete with free and reduced-price business resources, self-care opportunities, and dining options around Raleigh. 

How often are you planning to use the space? 

Access to our spaces is one of the most critical aspects when choosing a plan. Those who aren’t planning to come into the space more than twice a month and solely want access to our common areas may prefer to purchase a Raleigh coworking day pass when necessary! 

If you plan on using the space between once a week and once a day, the best choice is our hybrid-remote package, with access to our meeting and huddle rooms plus a business address at our downtown location to send and receive mail. 

Want access to our space outside of the standard 9-5? Our unlimited package is the best choice!  Enjoy unrestricted access to both of our 24/7 locations. 

How much time will you need in the meeting rooms?

Unlike other coworking spaces, access to our meeting rooms is a benefit that comes with every single one of our coworking plans! Meeting rooms are great for switching up your surroundings with your team, having a lovely space to gather with a business partner from out of town, or assembling a planning committee for your next big event! 

No matter what you need the space for, meeting room access is something to consider when choosing your coworking plan! The extent of time you’ll need in our meeting rooms is an effective way to determine which plan is best for you, and it’s what sets apart getting a membership from using a day pass.  You’ll get the most meeting room time with our Unlimited Plan at 25 hours/ week and the least with the community package at 4 hours/week. 

Access to Coworking Spaces Across North and South Carolina

Having a Raleigh Founded membership means you can access the Coworking Passport, which allows you to visit eight other coworking spaces across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Those spaces include: Sparq (Winston Salem, NC), Jud Hub (Greenville, SC), Hygge (Charlotte, NC), Transform GSO (Greensboro, NC), American Underground (Durham, NC), CoSquare (Yanceyville, NC), and Blue Mind Coworking (Wilmington, NC). 

Regardless of your path when joining the Founded community, we’re glad you’re here! Want to tour one of our spaces and learn more about a potential membership? Visit our website! You can also look at our Coworking Membership Brochure to see a breakdown of the prices and perks associated with each membership!