Introducing Rebekah Gregg as the Director of Cary Founded

Saraiya Mills

We recently spoke with Rebekah Gregg, the Director of Cary Founded, coming this January! 

Introducing Rebekah Gregg as the Director of Cary Founded

Rebekah Gregg’s first time in a Raleigh Founded location was immediately impactful. Drawn to the atmosphere that Founded’s Warehouse space has always cultivated, Gregg called her mom shortly after her first visit in 2018 to tell her that she wanted to work in a place like Raleigh Founded - and her wish would come true just three years later.

In 2021, a previous professor forwarded Rebekah an email explaining that Raleigh Founded was looking for someone to join the team. Rebekah was immediately hired and began working as the Events and Marketing Coordinator at Raleigh Founded in July of that year. She is now stepping into the role of Director at Cary Founded to continue the fantastic work she has done in Founded’s community. 

Rebekah’s impact in her initial role was evident from her very first event, Pitch Please. Since starting with Raleigh Founded, she has been the mind behind various social hours, startup markets, and amazing community building through Founded’s social media. 

We recently got to sit down with Rebekah to talk about the future of Cary Founded and how excited she is to be a part of the town’s dedication to developing Downtown Cary into a place to work, live, and play. 

Establishing Cary Founded: Social Hours, Entrepreneurial Community, and What’s In Store

“Downtown Cary is growing, and we want to be a part of its economic and cultural advancement. We want to support entrepreneurs and businesses in the area while becoming an integral part of the Cary community.”

Rebekah’s work in Downtown Cary thus far is making her goal a reality. From sharing her favorite Cary spots through the Cary Founded Instagram page and blogs to sponsoring and tabling in events like Bond Brother’s 2023 Spring Festival, Rebekah has had a lot of fun immersing herself in the Cary community. 

Her monthly and widely-attended Cary Social Hours, the first of which occurred in June, have also been a large part of establishing herself in Cary while supporting local businesses. Thus far, Cary Social Hours have happened at Graffiti Cary, RBF, Bond Brothers Beer Company, and The Walk Up. The most recent was at Cary’s newest connected breweries that opened this month: South Line Brewing Co. and Vicious Fishes Brewery. The social hours and her involvement in Downtown Cary have allowed Rebekah to meet several extraordinary entrepreneurs she knows could benefit from the resources and support Cary Founded will provide its members.

“Cary Founded will bridge the gap for entrepreneurs and business owners who live in Cary and typically commute to Raleigh or Durham for workspace and community. My focus is on uplifting entrepreneurs, community leaders, and business owners.”

Dedicated to compiling business resources for members of Cary Founded, Rebekah has begun working with the Cary Chamber of Commerce and Jacqueline Roth, who serves as Vice President of Economic Development with the Chamber. 

Rebekah is excited about taking the helm in Cary and feels her time on the Raleigh Founded team has prepared her with the necessary knowledge, skills, and passion to succeed. One such skill is her community-focused perspective. 

“Raleigh Founded helped me to care more about my local community and to consider shopping local first,” Rebekah explained. “For example, when I first started, I really admired their dedication to only serving locally-owned coffee and keeping locally-owned beer on tap. I’m so excited to continue that in Cary.” 

Beyond that, Rebekah is thrilled to integrate into Cary’s collection of local breweries, wineries, restaurants, and businesses, which she feels is a large part of the town’s charm. Rebekah notes that she feels lucky to immerse herself in a community like that of Cary's business owners and entrepreneurs. 

From her favorite Cary coffee shops, such as Esteamed, Brew, and Filly’s, to time spent at Gather Goods Co, Rebekah loves that Cary has so much to offer. She’s excited to continue to support Cary business owners like Art By Shalimar by having some of her pieces hanging in the halls of Cary Founded. 

 “I see Cary Founded becoming an anchor and showcase for all the great businesses and people in Cary where they will connect and grow.”  

Are you interested in learning more about coworking or renting a suite at Cary Founded? Visit their website here, subscribe to their newsletter for updates on the building and Cary community, and schedule a hard-hat tour of the facility here. You can reach out to Rebekah at her new Cary Founded email: