Meet Our Wellness Experts: Anne Jones

The Raleigh Founded Team

Anne Jones, a transformative figure with a rich background spanning education, STEM advocacy, and entrepreneurship, has etched a remarkable journey from her roots on a Nebraska farm to her current role as the Founder of On The Team.

Her academic pursuit began at Dartmouth College, where her love for science and education flourished. Anne's passion manifested during her five impactful years as a middle school science teacher. Her commitment to educational excellence led her to Harvard, where she earned a Doctor of Education degree in Education Policy.

Anne's expertise extended to her role as a consultant for Harvard's Data Wise project, contributing to the implementation of data-based improvement practices in schools nationwide. Progressing in her career, she served as the Chief Program Officer at Project Lead The Way, instrumental in expanding hands-on STEM curriculum and professional development to over 8,000 schools across the United States.

A pivotal chapter unfolded as Anne co-founded District C, a North Carolina-based nonprofit shaping the next generation of diverse talent for the modern workforce. Under her guidance, District C reached over 5,000 students through its innovative Teamship program.

Currently, Anne is at the helm of On The Team, a visionary platform connecting women athletes, equipped with powerful stories, to businesses striving to foster better team-based cultures. Informed by her multifaceted experiences, including partnerships with the U.S. Office of Special Education Programs and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick's Education Issues Committee, Anne's work reflects a commitment to inclusivity, education, and leadership development.

A coach at heart, Anne has consistently empowered individuals to recognize their strengths and elevate their confidence and skills. From the classroom to the track, and as a business executive and two-time founder, she has been a catalyst for personal and professional growth. On The Team stands as a testament to Anne Jones' dedication to building stronger team cultures through the impactful narratives of women athletes who have excelled at the highest levels in college and professional sports.