Meet Our Wellness Experts: Emily Burnett

The Raleigh Founded Team

Emily Burnett, a seasoned author, former tech/corporate professional, and passionate advocate for intentional living and money management, embarked on a transformative career journey at the age of 30. Over the next decade, she immersed herself in the tech industry before making a significant decision to part ways with the corporate world in 2022.

With a profound focus on the deeply personal aspects of personal finance and intentional living, Emily has become a guiding force, sharing her insights through writing and coaching. Her mission is clear – to empower individuals to construct lives and businesses that authentically resonate with their unique essence.

In 2023, Emily took a monumental step by publishing "Dear Fellow Spender," a book that not only draws from her personal experiences but also serves as a catalyst for transforming one's relationship with money. Currently crafting her next book, "Dear Fellow Dreamer," Emily is dedicated to inspiring individuals to dream bigger, create more freely, and embrace their true selves by nurturing strong roots—practices, systems, and mindsets that form the foundation of a fulfilling life.

Emily's unconventional approach to money and life distinguishes her as a speaker. Drawing from a wealth of experience in various industries, including commercial real estate, clinical trials, and start-up/established tech, she brings authenticity and relatability to her audience. Her diverse background, which includes roles such as a valet, balloon artist, professional bug picker, and multiple side businesses, has shaped her deep passion for helping people build meaningful lives and businesses that align with their unique values.

With a refreshing storytelling style, Emily breaks down the traditional barriers associated with money discussions. Her relatable and "breath of fresh air" relatability resonates with audiences as she encourages them to approach life, spending, and money intentionally. Emily Burnett is not just an author; she is a storyteller on a mission to infuse intention and life into the way we make, manage, and enjoy money.