New Access to Prototyping Equipment for Raleigh Founded Members

Saraiya Mills

Here at Raleigh Founded, we have dedicated ourselves to providing our members with the resources they need to succeed and grow in their endeavors. Our partnership with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department at North Carolina State University is one of the several ways that we have fostered growth for members by connecting them with students who are qualified and eager to join the entrepreneurial space.

We’re excited to continue our work with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department in the Raleigh Founded coworking community on Centennial Campus by providing Raleigh Founded members with access to the Prototyping Space. 

The Prototyping Space contains a variety of reservable equipment. Raleigh Founded members can gain access to the RF-member-only 3D printer alongside the other tools occupying the space, such as soldering workstations, two laser cutters, a disc sander, power tools, a direct-to-garment printer, and more! Learn more about the tools available in the Prototyping Space here.  

Access to the Prototyping Space will allow Founded members to bring their ideas and creations to life under the guidance of the excellent Entrepreneurship Garage staff. Founded members will gain access after they have completed orientation and earned their safety certifications. Upon certification verification, Raleigh Founded will add the Prototyping Plan and the ability to reserve prototyping equipment to your Coworks account.

Previously, access to the Prototyping Space was only available for student members of the Entrepreneurship Garage, and we are so excited to open this opportunity up for our Founded members! Due to the space's exclusivity and maintenance expenses, access to the Prototyping Space will cost an additional $100/month. 

If you aren’t a Raleigh Founded member but you’re looking for access to tools like the ones available in the Prototyping Space, this is the perfect time to join us! In addition to the Prototyping Space, we offer a variety of discounted business resources to our members. Learn more about our coworking memberships here

We are incredibly grateful to Centennial Campus for their continued support and dedication to fostering entrepreneurship in the Triangle. We are so excited to offer these resources to our community and hope you take advantage of them.