New Podcast Studio at North Street 

Raleigh Founded Team

Nowadays it seems like everyone has a podcast and for a good reason. Podcasts are a great way to build a brand, reach new customers, and positively impact the world. At Raleigh Founded we realized the demand for a physical space to record podcasts so we partnered with Earfluence to create a studio at our Warehouse location a few years ago and have created a new and improved space in our North Street location! 

This space is open to all of our members and provides high-quality equipment including microphones, lighting, and even cameras to capture video content for your brand. Many of our members are taking advantage of this amenity for their business and noted how seamless the studio is to use and create engaging content. Check out one of our members, This is Raleigh, and their show that they record in our studio!

Whether you are a seasoned podcaster looking to increase the quality of your show, or a newbie looking to try out podcasting for the first time this space is perfect for you. Beginning your podcast journey is simple! Just attend the training orientation and start recording!

Recently we have used this space to rejuvenate our podcast channel with a new series led by fearless intern, Shire Thompson. Venture Voices is a series where we interview members from the community about their current ventures, career journeys, and life advice. The first part of this series will be about the stories of our founders Christopher Gergen, Jason Widen, Brooks Bell, and Jess Lipson. 

Stay tuned for the first episode of the Founded Series which will be released on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. If you know an entrepreneur in the Founded Community that you think would be perfect for an episode reach out to us via email,