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Raleigh Founded Team

Starting a business is not just about the new idea or product you have to offer. There is so much more to it, and it’s hard to navigate uncharted territory with no guide. Here are a few ladies who have experience and they’re happy to help.

Marcey Rader, Founder of Hello Raderco, helps you and your business team improve healthy sustainable habits, because productivity that values balance, workplace wellbeing, and health is the best way to avoid burnout.

Marcey Rader is a multi-certified health and productivity expert – Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), three-time author, and award-winning, global keynote speaker. She started her business after a high-stress, high-performance corporate burnout triggered three autoimmune diseases. She realized health can be the key to sustaining productivity in her career and decided to share this message.

Marcey is able to educate tens of thousands of people across the United States and worldwide all the way to Dubai, Tokyo, and Mexico City through her self-paced online experience Work Well. Play More! Masterclass.

Don’t forget to check out Marcey’s Work Well. Play More! Productive, Clutter-Free, Healthy Living – One Step at a Time book and Health-Powered Productivity podcast for more tips, testimonies, and tricks on how to stay energized, master your calendar and tasks, and stay on top of your email.

Sara Glova, Founder of Reify Media

Sarah Glova PhD, Founder of Reify Media, works with universities, companies, organizations, and other groups to design and create meaningful content. After founding Reify Media in 2012 at the age of 26, the firm reached a six-figure annual revenue after only three years. Sarah has 15 years of experience in innovative concepts and educating a wide-ranging audience, engagements with leading organizations from California to Qatar, some highlights being the Connected World Summit in London, select USA Summit in Washington DC, and IoT Evolution in Florida.

Sarah also has over 10 years of experience teaching on college campuses. She educated engineering and business undergraduates at North Carolina State University on technical writing and continues to work with students as a guest lecturer and mentor on senior design projects.

Sarah was Board President of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Greater Raleigh during the chapter’s 40th anniversary year in order to contribute to her passion for supporting women and entrepreneur-focused organizations. She is also a founding Board Member for the North Carolina Women Business Owners Hall of Fame, as well as a founding member of the Alliance for Women in Tech Leadership.

In case you hadn’t already heard, Sarah offers a digital publication called Reify 8&21 that you can subscribe to and receive emails on the 8th and 21st that are meant to disrupt your status-quo with an encouraging reset in a quick three minutes. Some recent issues went over “Where are the happy messes in your life right now?” and “What does time off look like for you right now?”

Sarah Davis, Founder of Traction IQ

Sarah Davis, Founder of Traction IQ, lends a hand to start-ups by helping them launch, take the next steps, and meet investors. Sarah developed a great formula to show the progress a company has made with quantifiable data. Now after working with 30 startups, she has been able to perfect her strategies. She has worked hard to help startup founders launch, gain traction and prepare for sustainable growth.

Christina Marie Noel, Founder of Noel + Co

Christina Marie Noel, Founder of Noel + Co, a company developing a holistic marketing strategy for the future generation of mission-driven entrepreneurs. Christina has used her knowledge as a marketing strategist, business coach, and speaker to develop a platform to hone your company’s strategies, specializing in helping those who have a mission. At Noel + Co, they offer a unique program called Figure Your Sh*t Out (FYSO). This program is built to offer the support and accountability you can count on to build a successful business. It is the very first collaborative accelerator program for founders that believe business should be about more than just making money.

Be sure to look out for their events coming up in October including a Founders Summit Saturday, October 14th-15th which will provide a space for conversation and community and connect to resources.