RaderCo Resides at the Crossroads of Productivity and Mental Health

Marcy Raider

For mental health awareness month, we want to highlight someone who has dedicated their life and business to the wellness of entrepreneurs and hardworking people from any and all professions.

Marcy Rader is a proud Raleigh Founded member, a productivity coach, and the Founder of RaderCo.

“With tailored productivity tools, healthy, sustainable habits, and coaching accountability, we can help every employee, team, and leader be at their best (so you can be at yours.)”

Marcy and her team serve by offering strategies and supports to help people great balance in their internal and external worlds, and maintain their personal standards of productivity:

“Led by award-winning, Certified Speaking Professional® global speaker, former clinical research leader, and multi-certified productivity and health expert Marcey Rader, we can meet your needs from every angle through access to our diverse team of executive specialists. With a deep bench of expertise, RaderCo’s top-tier experts are available to support you in a wide range of areas, including productivity, stress reduction, mindfulness, health and nutrition, team development, leadership, presentation skills, and more.”

We are so grateful and proud have to have Marcy as a member of our community! For more information and to connect with services, visit: https://www.marceyrader.com/