Raleigh Founded's New Home and Spotlighting Mosaic Solutions - Innovators Guide 2023

The Raleigh Founded Team

This year, Raleigh Founded bid farewell to our first location, Warehouse. More than just a physical space, Warehouse was the backdrop for our community's growth: building partnerships, hosting Raleigh coworking, and fostering connections. While we’ll miss our old location, we are incredibly excited about our new home at North Street. With three times the space as Warehouse with an infectious and bustling energy, we’re excited to welcome a new era of coworking and community building at Raleigh Founded. 

As we enter the new year, we are reinvigorated in supporting the endeavors of our members who are making a difference in our community. In this spirit, we want to highlight one of our valued members who has been an integral part of our community since her arrival - Victoria Hoffmeister with Mosaic Solutions

Victoria, alongside a network of professionals, works with autistic individuals and their families to assist them with technical, emotional, and physical needs. Whether collaborating with a school to create an individualized education plan for a student or helping a family place their senior family member in a safe environment, Victoria’s work exemplifies the community-driven endeavors that Raleigh Founded is eager to support. 

In her work, Victoria represents the core values that Founded Communities will continue to follow in each of our communities: Cary, University, and beyond. Specifically, her careful attention to the different experiences of her clientele and her work in bettering their lives shows her commitment to empowering others and embracing diversity.

While Founded Communities does offer coworking in the triangle, we are more than just office space in Raleigh. We are proud of our members’ work and delight in supporting them on their journeys. 

Want to learn more about Victoria and Mosaic Solutions? Visit her website

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