Raleigh Founded x Kaleido: Tapping into NCSU's Entrepreneurial Students and Alumni

Saraiya Mills

Here at RF, we’re dedicated to providing entrepreneurs and startups with the tools they need to improve their communities and change our world. What better place to offer resources and build connections than with the Triangle’s students? 

Our partnership with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department at North Carolina State University is one of the ways we support student innovators. From our coworking space in the Entrepreneurship Garage on Centennial Campus to the Entrepreneurship Clinic at our Warehouse location, we make it a point to hold space for the next generation of startup employees and entrepreneurs. Most importantly, we aim to integrate student entrepreneurs into our ecosystem of business owners and startups - and we are proud to say we are succeeding!

We spoke with Kaleido, a Web3 platform provider based out of Raleigh Founded’s Capital Club location, about the benefits of integrating new graduates into their ecosystem, their new open positions, and their successes with hiring through our connection to NCSU.

According to Madison Williamson, head of talent acquisition and community at Kaleido, in the company's early days, navigating the startup world and building the platform from the ground up required senior workers in the field. Now, Kaleido’s standing provides the perfect opportunity for driven and excited new graduates ready to dive into the rapidly evolving and growing blockchain space. 

One of the schools producing those new graduates? North Carolina State University. Specifically, the student entrepreneurial spaces on Centennial Campus. 

Samim Mirhosseini and David Horne are two of four newly hired college graduates working with Kaleido. Both Mirhosseini and Horne were heavily involved in the entrepreneurial spaces around campus - something they both credit for providing them with skills they’ve needed for success in their time with Kaleido.  Mirhosseini notes that co-founding Docable, a startup that participated in NCSU’s Andrew’s Launch accelerator in 2021, has given him invaluable hands-on experience. 

For Horne, who connected with Kaleido through the annual Startup Job and Resource fair held by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department in partnership with Raleigh Founded, his hands-on experience came from his involvement in various programs. He notes the venture studio he participated in during his sophomore year, senior design classes, several NCSU Makeathons, and the Wolf-Den Pitch Competition.

 If that sounds like a wide variety, that’s because it is. Horne says he’s always had diverse interests, translating to the double major in mechanical engineering and economics he took on in university. Being part of a team like Kaleido’s complements this aspect of his personality. 

“I have a role and responsibilities, but there’s plenty of opportunity to contribute across the business,” Horne stated. “I can focus on building out various skill sets.” 

Williamson recognizes the ability and eagerness to be hands-on in different ways as a benefit of hiring students involved in entrepreneurship. It also makes Kaleido a beneficial place for new graduates who want to enter the Web3 space but aren’t sure how they wish to be involved. 

“With the fast-paced nature of a startup and the Web3 space in general,  you get the chance to try on a lot of hats at Kaleido,” says Williamson, who sees this as an integral aspect of the start-up culture that Kaleido possesses. 

Mirhosseini, who works as a full-stack engineer with the company, is a big fan of several other aspects of the company's culture. 

“I’m very happy to see a really healthy startup culture in the company; how closely the team works together, how fast they are able to respond to the needs and make things happen.” 

Are you a soon-to-be-graduate interested in joining the Kaleido team and immersing yourself in the company’s culture? Beyond taking advantage of the Raleigh Founded-hosted Entrepreneurship Clinic and getting involved with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship department, Williamson and Mirhosseini suggest contacting Kaleido team members, attending the Startup Job and Resource fair, and, of course, being willing to learn. 


Kaleido is constantly growing and looking for talent fitting into the fast-paced and supportive startup environment. They currently have ten available roles on their team. Learn more about a career with Kaleido on the Raleigh Founded Job Board or their website.