The Benefits of Joining an Entrepreneur Community

The Raleigh Founded Team

Entrepreneurship is incredibly rewarding, but it can be challenging at times. At Founded Communities, we understand that having a community is a crucial aspect of growing as an entrepreneur. We were formed to give back to Raleigh’s entrepreneurs - and while we’ve grown from the back of a small office on Hillsborough Street, our heart for the entrepreneurial community has remained. 

Here are a few ways that the Founded community supports entrepreneurs every day.  


Every entrepreneur knows the importance of networking when growing as a business owner- that’s why we always have a Founded community-wide networking event on the calendar! From our Business After Hours event with The Wright Village to the monthly Centennial Social Hour with North Carolina State University, you’re bound to make a genuine and lasting connection. 


Being part of an entrepreneurial community guarantees that there will be colleagues around you who you can learn from - and who you can teach. Founded Communities takes it a step further by holding member-exclusive events where learning is the goal. Join us for events like our Impact Collaborative Sessions series, where widely acclaimed business leaders and consultants explore scaling a company, sustaining growth, and building the necessary culture to do so. Or Founded Roundtable, for a variety of group discussions on topics ranging from maximizing your company's worth to successful early-stage strategies for building a startup. 

Or come out to Founders Local Pitch Practice Night, where Founded members can gain experience pitching to their peers and receive valuable feedback in a safe space. 


In the Founded community, we don’t just talk the talk. We’re committed to helping you make the connections you need to grow and scale your business. Whether it’s connections to legal professionals, accountants, or graphic designers, we’ve got you covered.

 If you need help getting plugged into the Raleigh entrepreneurial community, Executive Director Lauren Romer offers member’s office hours focused on learning more about your company and making introductions. 


Are you interested in tapping into the Triangle’s entrepreneurial community? Send us an email at to learn more!